Lionfish envenomation

Since the 1990’s lionfish have been propagating throughout the east coast United States and beyond.  It’s suspected the problem began when some aquarium hobbyists or a hurricane released several lionfish off the east coast of Florida. Although native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, lionfish have no known predators in the Atlantic and Caribbean.  As a result, they have flourished unchecked for years.  Their reproduction rates are staggering, females lay millions of eggs each year.  Continue Reading

Moving to a foreign country

Moving from the United States to a foreign country is an interesting process.  Some of it is frustrating, most of it is great, but all of it is an education.  The inspiration for us began on our honeymoon.  My wife and I love to travel and for our honeymoon we toured New Zealand in a camper van.  We also love to scuba dive.  One night in the campervan, we decided we wanted to start our new lives together in a foreign country.  We laid out several criteria which needed to be met.  Continue Reading