Can you say “Geneva Convention” 10x quick?

So my wife and I have jobs, a place to live and a car.  The next thing on our To-Do list is getting a drivers’ license.  Shouldn’t be too tricky, right?  In the States, if you’re licensed to drive in one state, it’s usually valid through reciprocity in another.  Similarly, under the Geneva Convention (I feel like a spy or diplomat every time I get to say “Geneva Convention” and actually mean it), residents from signatory countries can apply and receive a drivers’ license.  A road test isn’t required (which they may want to rethink when you’re moving from a country that drives on the right to one that drives on the left), but a written exam is. Continue Reading


Working in the prehospital medicine field, I subscribe to a few different journals and online resources to stay current.  One of those resources recently had a headline, “What’s a more dangerous infectious disease threat than Ebola?”  That kind of headline grabs my attention, so, figuring I should know what’s a more infectious disease threat than Ebola, I clicked the linked and was brought to an article about Chikungunya, aka Chik.  I’ve heard about this mosquito borne illness before, it’s actually made its way to the Caribbean and every so often there’s a notice about it in my local hospital.  What I didn’t know is it has now made its way to the United States, so I thought it might be a good topic to explore.Continue Reading

The first 3 days are the hardest

My wife always says the first 3 days of anything new are always the hardest.  Whether it’s a new job or moving, you just need to get through the first 3 days.  Now, living abroad is great, but that said, there are some challenges.  Our first indication of this was day 1 when I dropped my wife off at the airport to fly down for her job. She was flying a US based airline and had only booked a one-way ticket.  We knew she’d be there for at least 6 months, why book a return ticket?  The ticket agent at check-in was having none of it.  When my wife explained she wasn’t going as a tourist, but to live, you could see the ticket agents head twitch and “Does Not Compute” scrolling across her forehead.  She asked for proof but the work permit was electronic, my wife didn’t have a copy, immigration on the other side did, but not my wife.  We spent 45 minutes arguing that she didn’t need a return ticket, she was moving to this country legally.  Finally, with only minutes left before the flight was scheduled to boardContinue Reading