Decompression illness- part 1

Diagnosing decompression illness (DCI) is kind of a nightmare.  It’s usually a diagnosis of exclusion.  Many times the patients’ complaints are vague.  “My left arm hurts,” might be one.  Could it be a heart attack, could it be an overuse injury, or is it dive related?

DCI encompasses both decompression sickness, DCS (the bends) and barotrauma (to include arterial gas embolism or AGE). The difference is usually onset. Continue Reading

Quick Getaway

Our wedding anniversary was this past weekend and unfortunately my wife had to work.  We did have lunch together and I whipped up dinner for us.  We’re not big on gifts though, our philosophy is we’d rather spend our money on experiences.  So, seeing as we were both off from work on Tuesday and Wednesday, we snuck over to Cayman Brac for 2 nights to see the island and do some diving.  How else do you celebrate an anniversary when you live on a Caribbean island?  You go to another island of course!

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Witnessing an underwater snow storm

Tonight my wife and I went diving with hopes of witnessing a rare event, the annual coral spawning.  Last year we saw it, but it was a total fluke.  This year we worked hard to time our dive with the spawning.  You see, coral spawning occurs once per year, over the course of several nights, for about half an hour.  Then it’s over for another year.  If you dive on the wrong day and/or time, you’ll miss it.  Last night we dove from 8:30p until 9:30p and didn’t see anything (friends of ours dove at 10:30p and saw it, others witnessed it earlier at 7:30p, just luck of the draw).  Tonight we dove at 9:30p and most of the dive was uneventful…until about 10:20p. We figured we had missed it again and began ascending to complete our safety stop when my wife started going nuts. Continue Reading