Stop posting your boarding pass online

I saw this originally in a Huffington Post article and followed it through to this blog.  Anyway, there are some “common-sense” security measures my wife and I have started taking when we travel.  We do put timers on our lights so it appears we’re home in the evening.  We hide and lock valuables and we have stopped posting on social media that we’ve left town, we post stuff once we’re back instead.  One thing I didn’t realize though was thieves could steal your information off the barcode or QR code on your flight tickets, via pictures posted to social media.  I’ve actually gotten away from tickets altogether and just download the QR code onto my phone, but if you have paper tickets, avoid posting pictures of them online.  There’re some scary things people can do with the information in their own barcode if they have criminal intentions, but if someone gets hold of your information, they could potentially discover quite a bit about you.  Probably the most frustrating thing though, they could cancel any future flights you’ve scheduled.  Although it might seem like overkill, once you’re done with your trip, it’s probably a good idea to shred the tickets.