SquidCurious about the great photos on this site?  They’re taken by my better half!  My wife is a professional photographer and has worked as a photojournalist and travel photographer.  Her passion though is underwater archaeology photography, check out her site below!

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In addition to occasionally providing CPR, I also teach it!  My friends and colleagues knew this and when they’d get into a bind, like totally forgetting their CPR certification expired 3 months prior and they just received a phone call from their manager telling them they couldn’t work until they got it sorted out, they’d call me.  Identifying a problem to be solved, my buddies and I started TrackMyCert. If you work in healthcare and need help remembering when all your certifications and licenses expire, just click the logo for more info!


One of our favorite dive operators on Grand Cayman is DNS Diving.  The owner, Dusty Norman knows how to run a top-notch dive boat.  If you’re ever on island and want to go diving, look ’em up at

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An ocean conservation organization we support is Reef.  Check out for more info and to donate.