Nana was an investing whiz

I’ve been thinking about my Nana lately.  She was my grandmother and she died 10 years ago, at age 94.  She was special in many ways, but lately, I’ve been thinking about her financial savvy.  There’s a whole movement now towards retiring early and financial independence that I think she would’ve loved.  It’s a party I’m a bit late to but hey, better late than never.  I think for me part of the issue was a lack of financial knowledge and drowning in student loan debt.  Fortunately, I’ve recently paid off my student loans and over the years I’ve taken steps to educate myself financially.  Part of that education included a recent Freakonomics podcast that hit me with a statistic that down right shocked me: nearly 70% of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy quiz (check it out around the 6:20 mark.)  Continue Reading